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Repair & Maintenance of Machines

Oman Munition Production Company (OMPC) utilizes its capabilities to train technicians and engineers in various technical disciplines at the company premises according to the specialties and the type of training required.

The foreign trained engineers of OMPC, having vast experience of repair and maintenance of machines, impart comprehensive training to the aspiring candidates as per their requirement. Besides OMPC extends this service to the industries abroad as well.


Training Approach

The training curriculum is designed to educate the trainees who are working on Productions Processes or Supervising/Maintaining the Machines. This training is also useful for those who have limited or no exposure of manufacturing processes or understanding of the solutions. This training focuses on the core Technical and Functional areas of manufacturing Procedures.

This technical training is a key step for Production Supervisors, Managers and Administrators who are beginning or intend to enhance their knowledge of core Functional areas of manufacturing. The Trainees learn the technical concepts through lectures, process demonstrations and on job exercises. The training is imparted as per international technical standards and procedures.


Scope of Training

  1. Production and Maintenance Process.
  2. Supply Chain Management / Warehouse Management.
  3. Quality control and Quality Assurance.
  4. Ballistics
  5. Laboratory Testing of Materials.

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